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The Historian

Posted: 2009-01-23T21:46Z[UTC] by Alex

Based on a recommendation I got at a party I recently picked up a copy of The Historian at the library. All I really knew about the book going into it was that it was a story about people attempting to ascertain the true origin of Vlad the Impaler (Dracula). I've been really into vampire/zombie books lately so I though it might be a good read.

It turns out the book is more historical fiction than science-fiction. The reader is left on many a precipice of unknowns. As one question is answered many more are left unanswered and you are "forced" to venture through more of the book if you want to get at those answers.

I'm about half way through it so far and can honestly say it's a great book. It's a perfect combination of historical fact with a great adventure story on top of it. It's definitely one of my new favorites and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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